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Licensed - Insured offers a huge range of projects that will be interesting for those who considers themselves to be professionals in construction and development and also for the newbees in a building sphere. Doesn't matter whether you are going to build a cottage or a house or you just represent a company, sub-contractor who is willing to erect a multistored skyscraper - you need to come to us! We can offer amazing and rational solutions for residential and for commercial developers. We partner with a range of companies like Expert Crown Moulding that is a world's leader in interior and exterior carnice cladding and veneer. And partnership with ZIM Group has already brought a fruitful benefit: all our clients' houses are roofed by steel and metal roofs from ZIM Group.

We will refer you to the leading contractors, vendors and our trusted partners, who provide their services and products for construction industry. If you are looking for high-quality forklift for sale in Toronto, contact us and we will advise advise you on the best manufacturers and models of lifting equipment. Quality equipment allows you to facilitate everyday duties of your employees and provide safe working conditions. Therefore purchase the equipment only from reliable and reputable dealers. It is not that hard to buy really quality equipment. The main thing is to find a supplier with many years of experience working on the market. You will definitely find machines that meet modern requirements in the assortment of such a company. Today, the abundance of machinery, equipment and tools for construction companies impresses many experts. The modern Canadian market presents wide range of specialized equipment in all price categories, that makes us think not only about the functionality, but also about the quality of such machines. Today, the quality is becoming one of the fundamental criteria for the selection of construction equipment. Nobody wants to invest in machines that will require a constant repair and complex complex. That is why, the process of equipment purchase should be approached with professionalism. Contact us and we will help you make the right choice. The experience of working in the field of construction and construction equipment, allows us select the right products for your business.

Renovation Services

House and apartment renovation is a great opportunity to refresh the atmosphere of your home, make it better, more beautiful! professional builders and designers will help you breathe new life into your apartment. Improve the quality of your life in a short time! Entrust your home renovation to us! We offer superior services at a reasonable price. You can choose from the most economical to exclusive remodeling with the finest designer materials. We specialize in construction, exterior and interior design. We provide all kinds of finishing works and are always ready to give your apartment a stylish look with modern interior doors, beautifully designed windows and comfortable furniture.

Apartment repair with is all about high qualifications of each member of our staff and many years of experience in turnkey apartments repair; well-organized construction works; high-quality building materials and the most advanced construction methods. One of the newest methods and effective one is using floor sweepers equipment from Toronto company for cleaning your house when the all constructions works are done. It can be used not only in private houses, but will be suitable for the big areas of industrial buildings. These appliances can help you to clean the space after the repair and make the thorough clean-up of your home.

On our site you can find prices and the list of our basic and additional renovation services. Our staff is ready to provide you with the highest quality assistance. We will make sure all the elements of your apartment look harmonious, functional and stylish.

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